Open Days- project files

  1. Restauration, consolidation, arrangement of  Zlodica, Museum basement, Ceplenița area, Iași County
  2. Promoting touristic products, specific for Ceplenița area, Iași County
  3. Restauration and modernisation of local interest roads in Buhalnița and Poiana-Mărului villages, Ceplenița area, Iași County
  4. Modernization of the local road Cotnari-Zlodica-Buhalnița-Scobinți-Fetești-Zagavia
  5. Prisăcani Cultural House
  6. The international youth camp „Apollo”, Macaresti village, Prisăcani
  7. Prisăcani Medical & SocialL Center
  8. Introducing on the local and international market of the brand Ydilic
  9. Adapting academic curricula (license and master) to the requirements of the regional market. Competitive study programs and internships for IT & C in the North-East Development Region (CompetIT&C)
  10. Developing games industry in the N-E Region, Romania
  11. E-learning innovative systems for primary education in NE Region
  12. e-North-East (Digital Region)
  13. "Chosen dishes in the city of Iasi"
  14. The Economical Cross-Border Forum of the Siret- Prut- Nistru Region
  15. The increase of funding absorption at the level of public administration from the republics of Moldova and Ukraine and promotion of local social-economical offer
  16. The Organization of an International Agricultural Fair in the village Letcani, Iași County
  17. Set-up and support of agricultural associations of the Iași County
  18. Traditional products: opportunity for the economic development of the rural communities of Iași County
  19. Vision restoration through sound
  20. Byopsy planning system
  21. Eye tracking solutions for people with neurologic and locomotors disabilities