Main powers of the County Council


The County Council is the authority of the Local Public Administration constituted at county level for the coordination of the activity of the Local Councils (at communal, town and municipality level), aimed at the carrying out of the public services of county interest.

Main powers - it shall:

  • coordinate the activity of the Local Councils;
  • organize and manage the public services of the county;
  • provide technical, juridical or other kind of assistance to the Local Councils;
  • analyse the proposals made by the towns and villages concerning the environment protection;
  • approve the own budget of the county;
  • establish the general orientation concerning the organization and urban development of the county's territorial-administrative units;
  • manage the public and the private domain of the county;
  • ensure the construction, the maintenance and the modernization of the county's roads;
  • establish the county's taxes and fees;
  • carry out works and services of county interest in association with other public institutions
  • decide on the cooperation with foreign partners for the above-mentioned purposes.