Proper use of Iași County Council website

1. Top section of the site

The top section is composed from an image of Iași, site title (Iași County Council) that can be accessed by a click, so you will be redirected to the home page, on the left is the emblem of Romania and two elements related to accessibility , respectively aimed to decrease or increase font from the site, in the right side is the emblem of Iași County Council and if you click on it you will be automatically redirected to the home page. Also on the right, under emblem we find two abbreviations of languages available throughout the site (figure 1.1) that can be accessed and are designed to change website content in a language of the two: Romanian or English. If the content of the page in a language is not available then the icon that corresponds to the content will appear as deactivated (figure 1.2). By default, the Romanian language is selected when accesing the site.

Fig 1.1 - Selecting the site content in a particular language Fig 1.2 - Unavailability language selection


2.  The main menu at the top of the site

With the main menu (figure 2.1) we can navigate through the while site. Thus, through the existing categories we can access by clicking (or if you want to open the page in a new tab, then you will to use right click on the desired category and then select option "Open link in new tab") other pages withing the site. Those categories that have of their right icon , then that category will contain a list of other subcategories that can be accessed. Each page is populated with text, documents (doc, pdf, ppt), images, videos that can be accessed or downloaded to your computer.

Fig 2.1 - Main menu


3.  Photo gallery under the main menu

Gallery consists of a series of pictures and a brief description (figure 3.1) which can be accessed if you want the full view of the event. To scroll the pictures will be used the numbers from the central part or the arrows on the sides  .

Fig 3.1 - Photo gallery


4.  Block section on the left side

Left block consists of a series of links reffering to pages within the side (skills, staff, activities, decisions) to external pages (Iași metropolitan area, public administration, government) or to view the profile Iași County Council within social networks (figure 4.1).

Fig 4.1 - Left block-section


5.  Block section on the right side

The block on the right side consists of a section to search for information in the website (to search for specific information, you will complete the existing box with a few keywords and then press the "Search" button and a new page will be opened that will contain a list of all results found), a series of links referring to pages within the site (events, projects completed or in progress) to external page (forum discussion, official Facebook page of president) or viewing the weather or the daily exchange rate (figure 5.1).

Fig 5.1 - Right block-section


6.  Central section

The central part consists of a series of information that changes each time a new page is accessed (figure 6.1). It can be populated with text, documents, videos that ca be viewed individually by clicking on the representative title of news or document.

Fig 6.1 - Central section


If you want to view the content in another manner, the following possibilities exist:

  • if pressed CTRL button on the keyboard with the mouse wheel up, then the effect will be to increase page elements including text displayed;
  • if pressed CTRL button on the keyboard with the mouse wheel down, then the effect will be to decrease page elements
    including text displayed;
  • if the window with content is resized then both blocks and content will be displayed below each other (figure 6.2).

Fig 6.2 - Central section with list type information


If the page content is higher and you need to operate the mouse wheel down to view all information, at that time on the right side you will see a button and if you click on it you'll be sent automatically back to top.

7.  Bottom section of the site

The bottom is formed of a photo gallery and some information such as contact details of County Council, certifications held, and a representative photo gallery of Iași (figure 7.1). Each picture can be scroll in the gallery if you press the side arrows   , can be viewed individually if you click on that picture and if you want to view them in full screen then you click the icon , and to close the picture and return back to viewing gallery it will act icon .


Fig 7.1 - Bottom section of the site